Web Hosting Services

Web hosting in Peshawar is really a varied landscape by which prices, storage capacity, databases, email options, along with other elements are key factors that separate one service from the other. Most of Web hosting companies in Pakistan offer dedicated, shared and VSP hosting. It does not imply that they are the only standard services website hosting companies offer.IT companies in Pakistan No matter what your financial plan is, our web hosting service in Pakistan will help you get reasonable and quality hosting services. Our plans are ideal for all types of business websites looking for both affordable and top quality web hosting in Peshawar.

Smart Website Hosting Features

FTP Access

Once you are ready with your web pages, you have to transfer these files to your server. These files can be transferred to web server by using FTP provided by smart website hosting in Peshawar.

Disk Space

We offer disk space which you can utilize for data storage. Web hosting companies in Pakistan highly advised that you should provide estimations of what you require for different tasks. Specify the space you need for the email services, web related records, databases, etc. By analyzing and splitting your requirements in modules, you can easily estimate the space you need.


Emails really are a common element of hosting services, particularly if you are looking for web hosting in Peshawar. SofDepth Solutions provides clients with their email accounts along with the training if required.

Website Hosting Plans

Different types of our hosting plans are explained briefly below.

Shared Hosting Support

We offer quality website hosting for companies and people searching for comprehensive shared web hosting in Peshawar with top technical support and service from the company you can rely on. Being one of the top web hosting in Peshawar, we provide 24/7 technical support, we have top notch plans to fulfill the requirements of our clients around the globe.

Business Website Hosting Promotion

We are proud to provide business managed hosting to clients looking for a website hosting in Peshawar to get their business to the top. Using business managed plan, you can receive quality website hosting with reasonable prices without surrendering functionalities and features normally provided in hosting plans with almost double charges.

Dedicated Web Hosting in Pakistan

In dedicated hosting, our smart solutions allow whole server authority to clients. This can help you perform faster and efficiently, as you have all the resources with you, with no need to share with other owners. web hosting companies in pakistanThis unique website hosting is perfect for companies or advanced customers who manage high traffic websites, large databases, or complex application programs.

Collocated Hosting

Using this hosting, you will get your personal server and also have it in a web hosting services. It’s your responsibility to deal with their issues. The key advantage of such web hosting in Peshawar is you’ve full control over the server. You can easily add any program based on your requirements. So what are you waiting for; contact us now to get all these features by our company of web hosting in Pakistan is providing to our local and international clients efficiently.