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Joomla is one of the most reliable and popular CMS out there, used by millions for building there sites, blogs, etc. It’s comes with a wide range of extensions options for template customization, which with help of professional developer can really help in building incredible websites.

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what we do

We develop websites that are powered by Joomla using the designs that clients give us in image formats like PSD, jpeg, PDF, etc. our developers do the tedious work of converting PSDs into Joomla templates with extensive coding, so that you get a fluid, polished and operational website.

our promise

  • Responsive Development
    Responsive Development

    Sites that are fluid and adapt as per the corresponding screen resolutions

  • Cross platform compatibility
    Cross platform compatibility

    Website compatibility across different browsers and devices

  • W3C validated codes
    W3C validated codes

    We follow internationally recognized W3C standards for coding

  • Clean markups
    Clean markups

    Well structured and organized codes for ease of use

  • Ecommerce Integration
    Ecommerce Integration

    Adding shopping cart feature to the website for online purchase

  • Advanced Features add-on
    Advanced Features add-on

    Plug-ins, modules and component integration for better functionality

  • SEO URL Structure
    SEO URL Structure

    We maintain a clean structure of permalink to make it SEO semantic.

  • Fully Optimized
    Fully Optimized

    Our HTML codes are fully optimized for fast loading.

how we do it

Developing Joomla template is a complex process, one that requires mastery in this software. Our skilled developers, with experience in Joomla, first slice the design and then develop its HTML/CSS. This is a necessary step as changing PSD files straight to Joomla is not possible. The codes are divided into organized modules for a clean structure. At this stage various plug-ins and components are also added to the template for enhanced usability. Once templates are developed and thoroughly tested, they are integrated to make a full fledged, functional live site.

why softdepth

  • Experienced Joomla Developers
    Experienced Joomla Developers

    There are too many amateur developers who are not able to provide good results when it comes to developing complex Joomla websites. Softdepth has developers who have hands on experience in developing numerous successful websites.

    Dynamic Effects
    Dynamic Effects

    Whether they are sliders, banners, or other animated and interactive features, we can add them all to your websites as per your requirements and project vision.

    Full Customer Satisfaction
    Full Customer Satisfaction

    We focus on developing templates that match pixel for pixel to the design templates given to us. This ensures that you get website that you had visualized. Our aim is to provide you services that bring you satisfaction.

    Timely Delivery
    Timely Delivery

    We closely follow deadlines and are highly punctual while delivering the results. We also keep you constantly updated about the progress about the project so that you feel assured about the timely delivery.

our clients our work

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