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HTML is the life and support of webpages on the internet. HTML along with CSS can transform the static designs into dynamic webpages, which together can form a brilliant website. With the introduction of HTML5 and CSS3, a range of highly inventive features can be added to websites. You can say that the advancement on HTML has given designers room to be creative and experiment with new concepts.

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what we do

We turn your designs into webpages through comprehensive codes that are self written by our developers. All you have to do is give us your webpage designs in image formats like PSD, jpeg, PDF, etc and the rest is taken care of by our experts. Our competent technical professionals study the designs and use hand coding to convert the designs into interactive webpages. In case you do not have designs, our experienced designers can help by creating superb and innovative designs.

our promise

  • Cross browser compatible
    Cross browser compatible

    The webpages are made compatible with all the web browsers

  • Fully hand coded
    Fully hand coded

    For error free results codes are always manually generated

  • Standardized codes
    Standardized codes

    International W3C standards followed for best outcomes

  • Speed optimized
    Speed optimized

    Webpages that are fast and have minimum loading time

  • Fluid HTML
    Fluid HTML

    Fixed position of webpage elements across different screen sizes

  • Pixel perfect development
    Pixel perfect development

    100% match of every element on webpage with the design

  • SEO Semantic
    SEO Semantic

    Our codes are SEO semantic which makes your web page seo friendly.

  • Organized & Updated
    Organized & Updated

    We follow all the norms and conventions of W3C.

why PSD to HTML conversion

If you are wondering why we need a layout design before developing a site for you, let us explain. While coding, a definite design is required in order to make professional and highly functional websites. A design helps the developers to recreate the exact version of the website that has been envisioned either by you or by the designers. The process of PSD to HTML conversion is very efficient and thus always followed by while developing a site.

why softdepth

  • Fast and Proficient Service
    Fast and Proficient Service

    Time is of essence here at Softdepth and so is maintaining quality. So, be assured you would always get on time and high quality deliveries from our end.

    Structured Coding
    Structured Coding

    Our developers are experts at what they do. They are extremely organized at coding, keeping it well structured and fully commented. This helps them in making changes quickly for any future modifications.

    Use of Advanced Technologies
    Use of Advanced Technologies

    Apart from making sites in regular HTML and CSS format, we also use HTML5 and CSS3 to develop websites. HTML5 and CSS3 allows better features to be integrated in the websites and are thus becoming a preferred choice of many who wish to have innovative concepts for their site.

    Support and Maintenance
    Support and Maintenance

    We give 30 days’ free support and maintenance to the clients after the delivery of the project. Our experts are always present to answer all your every queries related to the site.

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