PSD to Email Conversion

Emails have become the primary source of communication for professional as well as personal purpose. For businesses, E-newsletters have become the most economical and successful method to advertise their products and services to their audiences. . Instead of sending plain textual emails, newsletters are used to attract the attention of the recipients. E-newsletter sure has the advantage of being dynamic, appealing and interactive. The reason email promotions are so effective is that they can be personalized for each recipient, yet send in bulk.

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what we do

PSD to Email conversion involves transforming the email or newsletter template design into dynamic and responsive webpage format using HTML. Our HTML developers use clean and fully hand generated codes. The converted template can then be used by you to send to recipients using email marketing softwares available online.

our promise

  • Pixel perfect template
    Pixel perfect template

    The end product will retain the exact design of the PSD

  • Cross client compatible
    Cross client compatible

    Compatible with various email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc

  • Inline coding
    Inline coding

    Inline coding for elongated layout used by popular email clients

  • Impactful Call to action
    Impactful Call to action

    Proper call to action links provided for maximum response rate

  • Dynamic newsletters
    Dynamic newsletters

    Integration of video and audios in the emails and newsletters

  • Fully commented codes
    Fully commented codes

    Well commented codes to make future modifications easy

  • Vertical Hierarchy
    Vertical Hierarchy

    Significant CTA will be seen immediately and will not be waste.

  • Proper CTA
    Proper CTA

    We manage events and effects at it's best to enhance the call to action.

importance of Email Templates

When you use emails templates and E-newsletters to promote your business/brand it is called email marketing. Why email marketing, and consequently email template, is becoming an important and preferred means of promotion is, besides being cheap, it offers a chance to build a focused and personalized relationship with customers by appealing to them on a one on one basis. Customers favor brands that offer personalized services and make genuine efforts to satisfy them. Moreover, email marketing is also high on ROI, with minimum investment and maximum outcome.

why softdepth

  • Responsive Templates
    Responsive Templates

    The templates will be responsive. This means, depending upon the screen resolution it will adapt itself suitably to present an easily read layout.

    Affordable Services
    Affordable Services

    Softdepth provides the best services in Peshawar with competitive prices. Our flexible pricing is sure to suit everyone’s needs.

    Customer Satisfaction
    Customer Satisfaction

    Our focus is always on providing services that impress our clients and match the high standard we have set for ourselves.

    Quality Testing
    Quality Testing

    The Templates are tested extensively on all the browsers, email clients and screen resolutions for a fluid adaption.

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