White Label Partnership

A white label partnership or agreement is based on the concept of non disclosure agreement of outsourcing. In these type of services, the actual execution is done by one company and other company rebrands it to make an impression that they have made it. It is very important in terms of services at a large extend at it is served by a lot of people under a single banner.

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how we do it

We work on White Label Partnership for all web related executions. First of all we understand your process and terms of outsourcing and after signing the contract, our efficient technical team analyzes the scenario in technical terms and figure out one of the best feasible solutions for your requirements. It is done in planning phase to make the execution smooth and reliable. In every services offered by us, a world class quality and support is always promised.

our promise

  • Quality Promised
    Quality Promised

    A world class quality of service is always promised.

  • Strong Analysis
    Strong Analysis

    Before execution, we follow all the process of planning and strategy.

  • Full Support
    Full Support

    You will get full support from our technical team for execution.

  • Ready to sign NDA
    Ready to sign NDA

    Always ready to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement.

  • Highly Affordable
    Highly Affordable

    Despite of all these efforts, our services are very affordable.

  • Direct Communication
    Direct Communication

    Through our PMS, you can direct instruct working people.

  • Tested Delivery
    Tested Delivery

    All the deliverables are fully tested before being released.

  • Free Support
    Free Support

    we provide 1 month free post delivery support after final approval of project

more about White Label Partnership

When it comes to quality, your brand name makes all the assurance. But, when it comes to quantity, you need more working hands to fulfill the demands. If you won't be able to do that, you will loose the assurance of your services in market and at the same time, if you outsource all these to different brands, you will loose the mark of your brand. A white label partnership solves this problem by adding more and more execution and production hands to your brand name.

why softdepth

  • Always Responsive
    Always Responsive

    Whenever you call us, we are here to serve you. There won't be any delay in attending you for any services.

    Latest Technologies
    Latest Technologies

    We are a leader in adopting new technologies and consequently, what we deliver, remains in charm for decades.

    Direct Interaction
    Direct Interaction

    Through our Project Management System, you can directly interact with the technical people who are working on your project.

    Free Support
    Free Support

    We provide free support of 30 days after release of any stuff from our side. You don't need to pay us a single penny for any type of technical or non technical support during that period.

  • No rigidness
    No rigidness

    Our policies are very clear and reasonable. Even after, we are not rigid with it and consider all your requests. For us, client is more important than any policy or term.

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