Being a host means giving shelter to someone or something. So, when we play web host, your websites gets a dedicated place to reside permanently without any annoyance of a shared hosting.

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What we do hosting

We have a reliable, dedicated server completely managed and controlled by us. Since the server has much more hosting capacity than what is required by our in-house processes, we offer hosting services to our clients based on their requirements. This way they not only get dedicated hosting service that is secure, fast and more affordable than shared hosting but also the trustworthy technical support of Softdepth.

our promises

  • Exceedingly Reliable
    Exceedingly Reliable

    Ensured reliability with negligible downtime over an entire year

  • 24/7 Technical Support
    24/7 Technical Support

    Our technical team is always there for any kind of support at anytime

  • Substantial Space
    Substantial Space

    Get server space according to your needs without any constraints

  • Multiple Domains
    Multiple Domains

    Freedom to create multiple domains and sub domains

  • Own Admin Control
    Own Admin Control

    Personal credentials to have full and independent access of the server

  • User Friendly C-Panel
    User Friendly C-Panel

    Simple and easy to use control panel for trouble free management

  • Free Support
    Free Support

    we provide 1 month free post delivery support after final approval of project

  • Highly Affordable
    Highly Affordable

    Despite having world class quality and support, we are highly affordable.

Importance of Web Hosting

Think of a store. You require a space, either rented or leased, to set up a store so that products can be displayed and general business operations can be carried out. Without the space, customers cannot access the products and one cannot have a functional store. Your website is like a store and web hosting a rented or leased space, without which the websites will not have a place to stay and be seen by the web users.

why softdepth

  • Extreme Security
    Extreme Security

    We provide SSL encryption to make transfer of data online secure. With our secure hosting, you are protected against online hackers and data theft.

    Negligible downtime
    Negligible downtime

    Our server is has high quality hardware configuration, ensuring reduced technical glitches and great uptime for the server users.

    No limitations
    No limitations

    There won't be any limitation of space; even in the upload or download file size.

    Incredibly affordable
    Incredibly affordable

    You get the speed, efficiency and huge space with our hosting service at very affordable and competitive pricing.

  • Latest Technologies Used
    Latest Technologies Used

    We use all the latest technologies and concepts to make the server up to date and compatible with current requirements of web applications.

    C-Panel based hosting
    C-Panel based hosting

    We provide you a C-Panel based hosting where you are having a proper and easy User Interface to manage your web stuff easily.

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