What is the simplest, most obvious way to remember anyone? It’s through their name. When you don’t have a domain name for your website, there is no way for users to remember or access you. That is why, a good domain name is one of the first thing you need while building a website. Without it you cannot exist.

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What we do

Knowing each and every technical process and its requirements can get be overburdening. That is why we offer domain registration service to our clients who require it. We search and purchase appropriate domain names on your behalf. Additionally, we also set up sub domains and email ids synched with your domain name. The domain name is then implemented with your developed website, so that whenever some search through your chosen domain name, they are redirected to your website.

our promise

  • Authorized

    Domains registered in a legal and completely authorized manner

  • Mail List
    Mail List

    Proper Email id configuration with your domain name

  • Status Information
    Status Information

    Proper status of mailing and other redirections

  • SEO Semantic
    SEO Semantic

    Domain structures and URLs that will be SEO friendly

  • Highly Affordable
    Highly Affordable

    Irrespective of the efforts, we are highly affordable.

  • Multiple Setups
    Multiple Setups

    We can setup multiple sub domains for you.

  • Admin control
    Admin control

    You will full control to all the admin credentials of your domain.

  • Free Support
    Free Support

    we provide 1 month free post delivery support after final approval of project

more about Softdepth Domain

Every house and office has an address. That is how people are able to visit you at these places. Same way domains are addresses through which people come to your website. And like you would take great care in choosing a proper location for your office/house with respectable zip code, in the same way choosing a domain name and extension should be done carefully. A domain with a good name and extension can go a long way in serving as a powerful tool for promoting your business. With our experience in establishing many a websites, you can be assured you will always be suggested the best domains for your business.

why softdepth

  • Proper Branding
    Proper Branding

    A domain name is the foundation of establishing your brand and a strong foundation ensures a strong establishment. This why, we will recommend you domain name that do justice to your business and its image.

    Value for Money
    Value for Money

    We will negotiate the best plans and packages from domain register on your behalf so that you get maximum benefit out of your precious investments.

    Trusted Tech Buddy
    Trusted Tech Buddy

    We will provide constant support and proper guidance for smooth implementation of the domain name to your website and any other related concern.

    Hierarchical Structure
    Hierarchical Structure

    All the subdirectories will follow a proper hierarchical structure based on your domain as it is important from the SEO and accessibility perspective.

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