Free Lighting Rebate Consultation

Never lose out on free money.  Rebate programs exist all around the country for switching to LED lighting.  With over 3,000 utilities across the USA offering their own, unique rebates, understanding what LED lighting products qualify is complex.  We make saving money simple. Let us do the legwork for your project to specify the right product accessing rebates available in your area.  For a free, direct consultation with one of our LED lighting rebate program specialists, contact us today.

Types of Lighting Rebates

Of the 3,000 different programs available, best panerai replica everything breaks down into two categories:

  1. Prescriptive rebates: these offer a set dollar amount for each fixture or lamp replaced.  (Example: save $5 for each light bulb)
  2. Custom rebates: offered for the total energy savings by switching to LED on a project.  (Example: $0.10 per kWh saved each year)

LED Rebate Programs in 5 Simple Steps

  1. Get approval/confirmation from the utility company before you buy.  Sometimes, an audit from the power company will be required.

  2. Complete order, delivery and installation by approved electrician or contractor.

  3. Submit final application paperwork for approval

  4. Post inspection(s) by the incentive provider for the good of the project.

  5. Release of payment for switching to LED lighting. Cash in hand.