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Our Web Development services consist of a range of strategic tools and user-centric design techniques. We always try our best to customize our products to meet your requirements specifically. Every product launched by WebReinvent is unique, efficient and reliable enough to get your solutions in a most precise way. Most of our products are based on the theme of virtual community where individuals interact through WebReinvent’s specific media, potentially crossing geographical and political boundaries in order to pursue mutual interests or goals. They transform your interactions with colleagues, customers and partners from today’s hit-and-miss communication to a more collaborative, engaging, and effective experience.

HireGenius is an advance job portal made to connect recruiters to the genius candidates who are eligible and perfectly suited to their specific requirement. It has a procedure composed of some easy steps for both recruiters and candidates. It follows a machinery to filter crowd and get geniuses of them for the recruiters. Simultaneously, it saves capable candidates from facing unnecessary competition and prevents them from being a part of crowd. It simply makes you specific.

Our motto is simply to reduce the effort and wastage of resources in hiring processes. We judge the candidates for recruiters through an online skill test and better performing candidates are recommended by us for your selection procedures. If you choose recommended candidates for your interview rounds then there is always a better chance of getting required persons without interviewing a huge group of unskilled people.

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We at WebReinvent launched many free products and specially extensions which are much relevant and generically suited to different purposes.

We believe in quality and not in words, so the feedbacks of our users will tell you more about our products. For more details please see our products site by clicking on the button given below.

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Once upon a time, a poet was confused about choosing a correct path between two roads and his confusion became an evergreen poem “The Road Not Taken“?. But in our real life it is a very common situation to get trapped in dillemas specially about careers. At some specific stages like when completing your school, graduation or post graduation you often remain confused about choosing a better career, job or working environment. You want someone who can guide you for the best available options and your search now ends up at HireGenius Portal.With HireGenius Portal you can find and connect with other people who share in your same expertise. Their experience helps you making right decisions. At this portal you are guided for almost everything like which course is suitable for what career, what are the practical aspects and where you can find the best environment to grow.Your energy and our experience with the contemporary market combines to lead you towards a glorious career.

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Driving takes a big bite out of your budget and your time. Our carpooling system saves you from traffic chaos and at the same time helps you saving your money and time that you invest in waiting for cabs. Our carpooling arrangements vary greatly to best suit the needs and preferences of your group. Besides saving your resources When you share a ride at our site, you're helping to protect our environment from access pollution

By signing up at searchcarpools you are engaging with the largest carpool community having 67,080 Carpools & 97,620 Carpoolers and which are growing by 5% everyday. We provide you unique and relevant services like rout-tracking via Google map, sending free SMS to carpoolers and free corporate carpooling with your own organization’s members.

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Prashan is a complete package to add seamless questions & answers feature to Joomla 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5. Prashan can be easily installed and configure according to your need carrying affluence features with complete analytics display of each questions like views, answers, votes etc. Apart from that, Prashan provide complete control over SEO part like Meta title, description, and keyword.

It is a question-answer community which provides users an online platform for sharing and enhancing their knowledge and skill. The core benefit of Prashan can be felt when you are engaged in some critical situation and you don’t have any idea that how to solve it. To overcome this situation, just join this community and post your question, you will get many responses and besides of that the frequently asked questions can help you significantly in searching your solution.

It has many exclusive and excellent features that you can see at the site by clicking on the button given below.

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