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With over a billion mobile device users, the businesses today have realized the advantage of investing in building mobile sites and engaging a vast number of users to promote their brands. Whether travelling or sitting at their home and offices, people seem to prefer using their quick, personal and low power mobile devices. If you are looking for a way to target a wider audience then mobile site is a solution for you.

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what we do

Mobile sites are different from websites in the sense that they have a different layout and tappable buttons instead of clickable links. Although, the layout of mobile site is different we keep the basic feel and brand image similar to the website, so that users can identify the brand immediately. Apart from brand image, the content and menu options also remains the same, so nothing is lost in translation and users don’t miss out on important content just because they are using mobile devices.

our promise

  • Mobile Friendly Layouts
    Mobile Friendly Layouts

    The navigations are designed keeping in mind small screen sizes

  • Tappable Icons
    Tappable Icons

    Using tappable buttons and touch icons for touch screen devices

  • Captivating Designs
    Captivating Designs

    Interactive and engaging designs to attract and retain visitors on your site

  • Suitable Call to Action
    Suitable Call to Action

    Placement of call to action based on the pattern of user behavior

  • High Definition Display
    High Definition Display

    Powerful and high quality display across all mobile device screens

  • Extensively Tested
    Extensively Tested

    End products carefully tested on all the browsers and mobile devices

  • Smooth Navigation
    Smooth Navigation

    All the navigation are made by keeping small screen size in mind.

  • Zero Scrolling
    Zero Scrolling

    We promise no horizontal scrolling even on the small mobile screen size

importance of mobile site design

We all know mobile devices have become as ubiquitous as people themselves. And these devices once made for calling, are now used for much more than that. With the introduction of commercial mobile internet a few years ago, web browsing trend has completely changed. More number of people are using their mobile devices to access internet. So, it makes sense for businesses to have sites that work smoothly on mobile. And sites designed specifically for mobile devices gives the best user experience on them.

why softdepth

  • User Oriented Approach
    User Oriented Approach

    As every business has different target groups, we focus on building user centered sites that implement the study and research of behavior of users unique to your business.

    High Affordability
    High Affordability

    We believe in delivering results that are of high quality and prices that are reasonable. Our flexible pricing accommodates individuals with big as well as small budgets.

    Dedicated Services
    Dedicated Services

    We understand the worth of time and capital you invest in your project. So, we work in an extremely efficient and dedicated manner to deliver your projects on time.

    Intelligent and Competent Designers
    Intelligent and Competent Designers

    We have a team of professional designers who have experience with mobile site designing and understanding of layout synchronization with corresponding screen resolutions of different mobile devices.

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