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That’s what landing page ought to do. The moment the users are redirected to your webpage, after clicking an ad link, they should be so captivated that they would be unable to leave the site before responding to your call to action.

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how we do it

The basic designing of landing page is similar to a normal webpage except one major difference. The purpose and target of landing page is to push visitors to take action and complete the task you have intended for them, which could be filling up a form, clicking a button or calling you. A special focus is also given in creating a good experience for users with marvelous design concepts.

our promise

  • Relevant Content
    Relevant Content

    Design and content in context to the corresponding ad links and campaigns

  • Impactful call to action
    Impactful call to action

    Getting response and feedback from the users through proper calls to action

  • Multimedia Integration
    Multimedia Integration

    Videos, HD pictures and audio to appeal to the users in an interactive way

  • User friendly layout
    User friendly layout

    Letting the users navigate easily to get the information they are after

  • Planned architecture
    Planned architecture

    Webpage layout based on comprehensive marketing and user data

  • Flexible designs
    Flexible designs

    Webpages that are easy to upgrade or modify for different strategies

  • SEO friendly
    SEO friendly

    We make sure that all the tags are used properly to make it SEO friendly.

  • 30 days free support
    30 days free support

    We provide you a post delivery support of 30 days free of cost.

importance of Landing Page

Any business who invests in SEO and PPC for digital marketing requires landing pages designed specific to the ad links they publish. Directing users to your homepage through ad links has a very low rate of visitor converts. Whereas, if users are redirected to a page specific to what the ad links prompts then the probability of turning those visitors into solid leads increases by multiple folds. This observation is based on a simple fact that users have a very short attention span and if they don’t see what they are looking for within seconds of landing on a page, then you lose them as customers

why Softdepth

  • Reliable Services
    Reliable Services

    Our services are highly reliable as we follow thorough testing and evaluation process to make sure you get error free and competent end products.

    Economical Pricing
    Economical Pricing

    Our services are cost-effective and budget friendly. We offer the best quality web solutions at highly competitive prices.

    Increased Conversion rates
    Increased Conversion rates

    An effective landing page is a sure fire way of increasing traffic and conversion rate. Softdepth offers you just that.

    High ROI
    High ROI

    Our landing pages are designed to be highly compatible with your marketing campaigns that will get you great return on investment of your capital as well as time.

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